These 8 iPhone X rumors were sitting next to it

These 8 iPhone X rumors were sitting next to it

8 times an iPhone X rumor that did not knock

In the run-up to the 8 iPhone X rumors, we’ve been watching all rumors for months. Leaked photos from the factory, analysts who spoke anonymous sources and more passed, while the official announcement slowly came to a nearer end.

As a result, in May 2016 we already knew much about the iPhone X: the device would be on the market with two cheaper iPhone, get a new design with a front panel display, support wireless charging and replace Touch ID with face recognition. However, looking back on the iPhone X period, there were also enough messages that were not at the right end. In this overview we list the most persistent rumors that eventually did not turn out to be correct.

1. The name: iPhone 7S became iPhone 8, iPhone 8 became 8 iPhone X rumors

Up to about a month before the showdown, the 8 iPhone X was known as the 8 iPhone X rumors , while the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were designated as 7S and 7S Plus. Eventually, Apple chose to completely skip the 7S, so the iPhone X is even more noticeable as a special edition and as a big step forward.

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2. “iPhone X gets Touch ID on screen or on back”

The most stubborn rumor that turned out to be true has got Touch ID. Dozens of pictures of leaked enclosures, templates, and design sketches agreed that Apple would add Touch ID to 8 iPhone X rumors, in addition to face recognition. This could be done on the backside or stopped on the screen itself .

Today, Apple emphasizes that it never knocked it, and the company was convinced from the beginning of the transition to Face ID . Nevertheless, we take this statement with a grain of salt because the various rumors of reliable sources and Apple’s own patents suggest that the company has considered the option at least.

3. ‘iPhone X gets function keys instead of home button’

When it turned out that the8 iPhone X rumors had to do it without a home button, reveal the first rumors about function keys : digital buttons in the bottom of the screen. These buttons have been used by Android devices for years, for example, to go back to a next page or open the app switcher.Eventually, Apple would choose to fully trust new sweepstakes, leaving the screen free for apps and videos.

4. ‘iPhone X gets usb-c port for quick charging’

It seems a recurring rumor every year: the iPhone would replace Lightning with a usb c port, which benefits the charging speed. We were skeptical at that time when this rumor broke up , even though we now get better where the story came from. Apple supports the iPhone 8 and 8 iPhone X rumors for the first time, but just uses the Lightning port.

5. ‘Apple Bundles iPhone X With Free AirPods’

It seemed too beautiful to be true, and that was it too. Because Apple is asking for a premium price for the X, an analyst was absolutely convinced that a set of AirPods would be included in the package for free. In the end, Apple found out to be able to charge 1100 euros for iPhone without providing wireless earphones.

iPhone X rumo

6. ‘iPhone X appears in three colors’Advertisement

One of the most notable rumors not proved accurate to do with the color of the 8 iPhone X rumors . In fact, on numerous pictures and renders, a gold colored X, which was given a different color by the glass backside, we used to be used to. Would it be with the production problems of the X that we can only choose from silver spacegrijs?

7. ‘iPhone X Get Smart Connector for AR and Charge’

It seemed that the 8 iPhone X rumors was called the iPhone Pro so that, like the iPad Pro, it targets the professional, business user. Like the iPad, the X would therefore get a Smart Connector ; three balls where you can connect and charge your accessories. This would play an important role in augmented reality, even before ARKit was known.

8. ‘iOS 11 gets dark mode for iphone x’

Because the 8 iPhone X rumors has an oled screen, it was obvious that Apple would finally introduce aDark Mode for iOS . For this dark operating system mode, fans have been asking for years, and in the iOS code, more hints have been found that point to this. An oled screen is extra energy efficient if there is a lot of black on a screen. These pixels are completely disabled, resulting in more beautiful black tones, but also save battery power.

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