Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Apple’s Maps app deserves a second chance?

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Apple’s Maps app deserves a second chance?

Apple Maps

Apple Maps now supports public transport in the Netherlands, it is high time to explain the map service again next Google Maps. Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Who comes out on top of the bus and who reached the station not a wrong turn?

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps navigation apps compared

For this comparison, we naturally look to their own experiences, but also to the findings of Justin O’Beirne. He analyzed to the two card services a photograph of the area by each month and identify the changes. We also take part in this equation.

Accuracy: Apple Maps is too dependent and too limited

Thanks to the research of O’Beirne we especially know that Apple Maps is too dependent on the card information from TomTom. This appears to be a lot less reliable, and some areas remain tidy topical, but another city remains for months. This ensures, for example not see new restaurants or shops, paths are less accurate in a park and lack some side roads in Apple Maps. But Apple adds more changes to their cards, but this is mainly to eliminate errors.

Apple Maps

Public transport routes: Apple wins with clear descriptions

Recently it has become possible in the Netherlands to travel by public transport with Apple Maps. This feature was already available in Google Maps, though Apple Maps has our preference. The route is clearly cut into the road to the station, the train and the route to your destination. You also see the Maps app more directly for alternative travel options. In Google Maps, you need to look out for.

Design: minimal versus messy and expanded

It took a while, but Apple Maps has finally overtaken Google Maps terms of design. Because it is an Apple app, Maps fits perfectly with the rest of iOS, which makes it better belongs among the other Apple apps on your iDevice. A nice touch is that you can disable Siri routes in Maps app. Also, the design of the cards that are superimposed clear, so you always know how to return to the map.

This sounds like a detail, but if you’re on the go, every second you have on your phone looking one too many. Moreover, Google Maps often confusing by the plethora of functionalities. Unlike Apple Maps looks a lot calmer and more tidy, all you hereby liver in terms of functionality.

Features: Google Maps for walking for kilometers

Apple Maps now only has public transport information, says a lot about the amount of features in the app. Google Maps gets almost monthly practical new features, while Apple rarely with something new. So great features are preserved for annual updates iOS, making it almost impossible to keep up with Google.

Apple Maps

This way you can in Google Maps now see how busy it is on average in the shop or restaurant when you arrive there, share your live location to find friends and get a monthly summary of the places you have visited. In addition, the app has years of cycling, entirely lacking in Apple Maps.

Privacy: the great advantage of Apple Maps

The main reason to choose the Maps app on Google Maps has to do with privacy. The company from Cupertino emphasized at every improvement you privacy. Thus, all your travels in Apple Maps plant not linked to your account and your encrypted voyage. They are impossible to trace to your iPhone. A fine idea if you have lots of protecting your privacy are concerned, and this for a route will do.

Apple Maps

Conclusion Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: the long road of Apple Maps

Although Apple with the arrival of public transport routes that has put an important step to replace Google Maps, it can not compete with the speed of the search giant. Privacy and a beautiful design and clear after Apple Maps is still catching up. Meanwhile, Google is rolling almost monthly new features and improving existing ones.

We expect that Apple with the arrival of iOS 11  Apple Maps showing some love, though we wonder if this is enough to cover the distance. For now, Google Maps especially reliable, and remains important for a service to you as soon as possible in the right direction to send on.


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