Apple Watch Series 3: (Almost) perpetual battery for 60 sports

Apple Watch Series 3: (Almost) perpetual battery for 60 sports

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the third generation of the Apple Watch. On this page, you will find everything about the Apple Watch Series 3 rumors, price, new features and release date.

Apple Watch Series 3: This should be yours

Apple has not opted for a new design for the Apple Watch Series 3. The changes are all inside the smartwatch.

The big difference is that there is a version of the smartwatch where you can reach mobile internet regardless of your iPhone. There is also a version of the Apple Watch Series 3 without mobile internet. This is mainly an upgrade by improved heart rate measurement.

With this watch, you get a better picture of the heartbeat throughout the day. With Apple Heart Story, Apple wants to warn people if they have an irregular heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat often causes no symptoms but may cause problems later.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 features, this is new

Although Apple Watch Series 3 looks the same as the predecessors, there are some interesting improvements.

Own sim

A sim card is actually too big for the Apple Watch Series 3. Therefore, Apple chooses an esim, which makes the watch independent of your iPhone connected to mobile networks. This means that you can listen to music while running, without having your iPhone in the pocket. With the Apple Watch Series 3, you can also make phone calls and send text messages.

Adjust and use Siri dial

With watchOS 4, your Apple Watch got some new dials. For example, you place Toy Story characters on the small screen or create a kaleidoscope dial with your own photo. Most interesting, however, is the new Siri dial. But how do you use this and how do you customize it?

Use the Siri dial

This dial lets you use the Digital Crown in a cool way. With the rotary knob on your Apple Watch Series 3, scroll through all the items that Siri puts on the screen. In this way, you’ll see the recent items, then what’s coming and then the items of tomorrow.

Apple Watch Series 3

Between these items are all kinds of useful things to know. For example, the music you listen to or the memories you have set. Also here is the weather, or an appointment from your calendar. The idea is that, with a look at your watch, you are fully aware of your current and what’s happening.

Change data sources

However, you may not find certain items in this list to be of interest. Then you can make sure that Siri passes through the Watch app. In the app, select “My dials” for the Siri dial and pick up the slides from sources that you do not want to see on your Apple Watch at the “Data Sources” header.

Apple Watch Series 3

Additional health sensors

Apple is increasingly focused on health and Apple Watch is the device that suits this. The built-in heart rate monitor and pedometer are motivated for many users to move more. With the Apple Watch Series 3, there is, even more, attention to your heart rate, to get a better picture of minor irregularities. You will also get a message if your heart rate is suddenly increased while you rest.

Through Apple Heart Study, Apple works with Stanford University to spot irregularities in heartbeats and alert people in a timely manner.

Enhanced Hardware

The Apple Watch Series 3 processor is seventy percent faster than that in the Apple Watch Series 2. The new wireless connectivity makes wifi and Bluetooth faster and more stable. The screen itself serves as the antenna. Siri can talk to the Series 3 through the speaker.


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