iOS 11: All info, facts, tips and news about the new iPhone and iPad operating system

iOS 11: All info, facts, tips and news about the new iPhone and iPad operating system

With iOS 11, Apple again shows that the development of mobile operating systems is still ongoing. Augmented reality, iPad, new design language – and these are just the biggest keywords that Apple has worked on the agenda. In fact, you will hardly recognize the iPad again, it has never been so close to a laptop replacement. IOS 11 is available as a free upgrade since 9/10/2017.

iOS 11

The iPad becomes a laptop – somehow

Apple has been explaining for a few years now that the iPad will replace a laptop for “many” users, and users say that iOS still needs to grow for at least as long. iOS 11 could symbolize the beginning of this project because Apple has gone to the trouble to actually establish the iPad as a useful replacement for a laptop. These include functions almost heading towards the file system, a drag-and-drop system and much more.

Dock, Files, Drag-and-Drop: On the way to the macOS clone

In iOS 11 there is a new one app that Apple calls “files”. It is, in a first approximation, something similar to a Finder and goes beyond the features of the old iCloud Drive app. In addition to iCloud Drive services like Dropbox or Box are supported and the app can dock thanks to the multitasking features. This means that you can work with files for the first time, even across other apps. This is made possible by, among other things, drag-and-drop.

In addition, iOS 11 offers a new one dock. In older versions, there was something similar, but only on the home screen. The new dock can now be conjured up in any app and holds more apps than ever before. Additionally – optionally – the last open apps can be displayed, so that the whole structure almost feels like on a Mac.

With drag-and-drop objects, files, images, URLs and much more can be moved. That works pretty easy by pressing and holding the object instead of the familiar context menu then the option to move appears. This can be used most sensibly if use is made of multitasking. For example, a photo from a web page can be copied to an e-mail.

Apple Pencil – on iOS 11 still usable

The Apple Pencil funkltioniert still only on the iPad Pro, where he can play his assets but better than ever before. So you can comment directly on PDF files or notes, which is even possible in the browser. Even in emails, you can make sketches within the input window.

In addition, using the scanning and signing feature will make many an app obsolete. With the iPad camera documents can be read, with the Apple Pencil can sign directly on the iPad and then send the document again.

QuickType – the new onscreen keyboard in iOS 11

QuickType has already been introduced with iOS 8. The quick thing was the word prediction that still exists. In iOS 11, however, Apple has extended the keyboard with special characters. While you could always reach umlauts or the eszett by swiping up the appropriate key, you can now swipe down. Thus, for example, numbers can be reached without having to switch the keyboard.

Augmented reality: ARKit makes iOS the largest AR platform

Augmented reality refers to a function in which the reality on the screen of the iPad or iPhone is extended. This can certainly be used for meaningful things, but of course, benefit in the first place game – Pokémon Go has already shown in which direction that can go. First apps, for example, show how to use the camera of an iPhone or iPad as a ruler.

New at the camera: live photos and more

Apple has given the camera quite a lot of attention in iOS 11. Live photos can now be made with endless loops. In addition, you can take photos with a long exposure time, which provides great effects at night. In addition, there are new onesFilters that are also available for portrait mode and Apple has implemented a new compression technology that saves space. However, it is still possible to export images in JPG format to share with others.

New look for the App Store

The App Store has become a means to an end over the years. That should change – the rummaging in the App Store should make fun again. That’s why there’s a new look for the app source in iOS. Here apps and games are introduced and there is a new “today” tab. This shows featured apps, which has selected an editorial by Apple.

Music and AirPlay 2: On the ears

In iOS 11, there is a new feature for Apple Music that Apple has copied from Spotify. You can now discover new artists as before – and track what music friends hear if they let you. This allows you to watch playlists or compare albums and stations. As Apple relies on privacy, this can of course also disable.

AirPlay 2 is the successor to AirPlay, which makes it possible to transfer sounds from iPhone to other devices. AirPlay 2 offers the possibility to plug into the smart home system. It is possible to stream the music to all available speakers or only to selected devices.

Keep control – Notifications and Control Center

Apple has redesigned the control center in iOS 11. It can now be seen on one page, hiding less frequently used functions behind a 3D touch menu. This also works on the iPad, which does not support 3D touch by holding an element longer. In addition, the entries in the control center can be extended almost arbitrarily.

The notifications used to be on the lock screen and in the messaging center. The latter Apple has revised something. Here you will find the notifications exactly as on the lock screen. In addition, older messages can be reloaded – so you never miss another important WhatsApp message.

iOS 11

iOS 11 with “Do Not Disturb” in the car and new maps

The undisturbed mode is already well known. It prevents notifications and calls from getting through unless the calls are “urgent” or come from VIPs. Since the mobile phone has no business at the wheel, there is now an auto mode. The iPhone recognizes (among other things by the Bluetooth coupling) that one drives and sets on request all notifications. It may even respond to SMS that you are driving. Here, too, VIPs can be defined for whom the lock should not apply.

The Apple Maps are certainly a sealed book for old Apple bunnies (and probably the reason for Scott Forstall’s dismissal). In iOS 11 they are significantly improved. The Maps app can show the tempo limit on roads, and there’s a new Lane Assistant on the navigation that tells you exactly which lane to drive on.

Also new is an indoor view of buildings. For airports or shopping malls, it’s easy to see what’s inside the complex – making it easier to plan your travel. As usual, the data will initially be limited, but gradually more buildings will be added.

iOS 11: Requirements and Hardware and Availability

iOS 11 is available as a free upgrade for all supported devices since 19/9/2017. All iOS devices with the 64-bit processor are supported. On the iPhone, these are:

• iPhone 5s / SE / 6/6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / 7/7 Plus.

As far as the iPads are concerned, you need one

• iPad mini 2/3/4, iPad 5th generation, iPad Air / Air 2 or an iPad Pro.

• iPod touch only provides updates for the 6th generation.

Caution: iOS 11 does not support many old apps anymore

Speaking of 64-bit: Apple cuts old braids for the first time in 10 years – apps that are only available as a 32-bit version, are no longer supported. Already in iOS 10.3, you can look up, which concerns that. If you are looking for certain older apps, you should not do the update, which could result in data loss.


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