iPhone 8 best case

iPhone 8 best case

Best iPhone 8 Cases & Accessories,iPhone cases are a saturated market, making it almost impossible for a consumer to find the right one. So we’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone cases in terms of size, design, as well as functionality, all while making sure they don’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking to extend your battery life or go swimming with your phone to take pictures underwater, we’ve got you covered with the top iPhone cases to buy in 2017.

Yesterday one of the first screen protectors allegedly for iPhone 8 leaked claiming to show the device’s expected design and other features. It was made by case manufacturer Olixar, and today the company is one of the first to reveal an entire line of cases for the upcoming iPhones. It’s also started accepting preorders for the cases that it says depicts both the front and back of the iPhone’s new design accurately.

Best iPhone 8 Cases & Accessories

Recently some iPhone 8 cases and screen protectors went up for pre-order, and while all we had at that point were pictures of them, a retailer has now posted a YouTube video examining them in detail and how they compare to the iPhone 8.

The screen protector has no cut-out for a home button and almost no bezel, other than in the center at the top, to house the front-facing camera and sensors. In fact, there are more sensors here than on the iPhone 8, which could mean the rumored facial recognition features will be included.

The design matches dummy iPhone 8 units that have also leaked in recent weeks, and the screen protector is 139 x 66mm, which the source (MobileFun) theories would mean a screen size of around 5.8 inches on the iPhone 8, as has been rumored.

Similar but bigger

The case differs from iPhone 8 cases through the presence of a vertical dual camera and a larger power button. This increase in size is so far unexplained, though has been seen in other leaks. It could be that Apple will house the fingerprint scanner there, though most sources reckon it will be on the screen.

The other ports and buttons meanwhile remain much as they are on existing models – which means no return of the headphone port.

As expected, the case is too big for the iPhone 8, coming in at 145 x 72 x 9mm. Of course, assuming it’s the real deal the iPhone 8 would be slightly smaller than that, but not by much, and those dimensions are still smaller in most ways than the 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm iPhone 8 Plus, despite the iPhone 8 likely have a larger screen.

As ever with case leaks, we’d take these with a huge pinch of salt. Chances are they’re built based off of the same leaks as the dummy units that are floating around rather than any official information, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily wrong either.

We’re told by the company selling the cases, MobileFun, that Olixar has created them using “information and schematics they’ve acquired through their factories and contacts in the far east.”

The photos below give us a look at the entire case lineup, but more importantly a nice perspective of dimensions for the device and the much slimmer bezels, as previously rumored, as well as new and tweaked cutouts for the cameras and sensors.

Olixar isn’t the first company to start selling accessories or accepting pre-orders for cases ahead of an iPhone launch. It is, however, getting things started early as it’s usually much closer to the iPhone launch anticipated for September that we see these types of products popping up.

As detailed in our comprehensive iPhone 8 review, Apple’s latest handset is a sleek smartphone with an elegant design, one that needs to be protected. Exposing your iPhone to the world could increase the risk of it getting damaged, as all it takes is a single slip to end up with a ding, scuff, or crack that will spoil those good looks. That’s why you need to invest in one of the best iPhone 8 cases. Check out a few of our current favorites below.



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