More iPhone 8 Plus models with swollen battery dive on, Apple is investigating further

More iPhone 8 Plus models with swollen battery dive on, Apple is investigating further

Update November 6 | iPhone 8 Plus

Since the first stories about soaring iPhone 8 Plus, more cases have occurred online. For example, Macrumors wrote that they received different pictures and stories from readers who also saw their iPhone 8 Plus swell. For example, someone in Canada bought a 8 Plus on Sunday, which could then be returned on Monday. As with the other cases, the screen was completely disconnected by the battery that was internally swollen. Another case describes a similar situation.

What matters to this is that in all cases, Apple‘s official charger is just used, but the problem is almost immediate. If you have an iPhone 8 Plus that you have used and recharged for days, your device does not appear to be vulnerable to the problem.

iPhone 8 Plus

Opzwelling iPhone 8 Plus battery

This weekend, there were two stories from iPhone 8 Plus users who had exactly the same problem: after charging the device with an official Apple charger, the battery began to swell.

As a consequence, more and more pressure was exerted on the screen. This continued until the full front of the iPhone was loosened and the device burst open. Strikingly, it is specific to the Plus model and there are no similar cases in the regular iPhone 8 Plus .

“We are aware of the problem and have started an investigation,” an Apple spokesman said toMacRumors . The defective devices detected in Taiwan and Japan.

iPhone 8 Plus


Although these two cases are now massively shared on social media, this is no reason to worry about you immediately. Apple produces millions of iPhone 8 Plus, so it’s inevitable that there’s a broken copy between them. Should you, unexpectedly, be in a similar situation, always contact Apple Support through the  website .

Do not worry yet

Until we hear more about this, this does not mean that we have a large-scale issue that potentially affects every iPhone 8 Plus owner. Apple’s research is no exception. When iPhone 7 was released last year , we also heard several stories about defective devices, after which Apple then searched for the cause.

The iPhone 8 Plus appeared a few weeks ago. Although the device looks almost identical to the iPhone 7 Plus , Apple makes improvements especially behind the scenes. For example, the All chip is the most powerful so far, and the camera has been improved again. You read all about the 8 Plus and what we find in the first impressions below.

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