Know that there is a problem in the iPhone 7

Know that there is a problem in the iPhone 7

Know that there is a problem in the iPhone 7 doesn’t look much different than its predecessors, but the deeper you dive, the more improvements you’ll find. The camera is a great performer, there are dual speakers, and Apple finally made it’s flagship device water-resistant. If you snagged one, then you’re likely enjoying it, but sometimes a single issue can kill the fun. We’ve been filtering recent feedback to isolate the main issues iPhone 7 users are running into, and we’ve got some potential fixes and workarounds to put the smile back on your face.


The first problem is that it is designed like the previous Iphone 6s. The problem is that the side of the base of the screen a little larger and a little more space above and below the smartphone has kept lt use like a good thing to do might seem difficult. And the prices are almost the same compared to the galaxy s7 edge of the side and top-down space has been very low, it makes it handy as a compact – easier to use than the iPhone 7 Plus.

And the weight of 180 grams Iphone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge of the iPhone in terms of weight, weighing more than 157 gramatai.


IPhone 7 Plus display is crisp enough, good pixel density, etc., and it is a full HD display with IPS technology HD Display. But it’s nothing compared to the Samsung galaxy s7 edge of not It has a super amoled disaple for the Super Amoled Display whether a 2K display.

Headphone Jack:

Another problem is that a lot of it on the headphone jack does not have a problem; We know that the phone is waterproof flowers can not keep the headphone jack, but it’s anonymous harassment could put us in a lot of time on this, but we are not ignorant.

Perhaps as an alternative to Bluetooth headphones or charging port, we can take the line, but it is not out of embarrassment.

No Fast Charging:

10-12 now worth thousands of Chinese phones have the advantage of fast charging, the iPhone battery MaH 2900 in connection with the premium, to be two and a half to three hours, but it will take less than a full charging, fast charging facilities are not in the smartphone Google’s new Google Pixel sorry smartphone 7 hours 15 minutes of battery back-up facilities were charging.

So, not having a fast charging for Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 Plus is too tragic.

Notification lights are:

4. Notification lights of the smartphone is now worth, to see whether there is notification of the convenience of charging while the phone is charging, even if it is understood in the light of this notification, the Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 Plus does not have any such notification light, whether coming Notification to view the phone’s screen will see then. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, however, has the advantage of Notification lights.

No Wireless Charging:

Smartphone fast charging feature which does not have a smartphone, how to get there, we hope to wireless charging. 7. There is also a feature of the iPhone wireless charging.

Problems with storage:

SD card can not be used separately iPhone already know, the iPhone 7 and 7 plus 3 GB to 128 GB and the 56 GB model, and can be OTG through a lot of trouble, and it is very expansive.

I hope you understand the essence of the original tune. Comments If you like to make a statement.


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