Renewd iPhones tested: iPhoned readers reviewing refurbished iPhones (ADV)

Renewd iPhones tested: iPhoned readers reviewing refurbished iPhones (ADV)

Renewd iPhones tested ADV

Renewd iPhones tested readers started with renewd iPhones

On May 3 we chose three lucky readers iPhoned from the hundreds of entries for renewd-contest. They were started with a refurbished iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 to test and maintain. That’s what Yorick, Eline and Sandra intensively done in recent weeks, creating three original and entertaining reviews. How like a refurbished iPhone , and more importantly, it is a good alternative to a brand extension? Read with us.

Sandra Hooij Donks: renewd iPhone 6 review

Renewd iPhones tested ADV

I’m the lucky one may test the refurbished iPhone 6 iPhoned and that I do of course! In my review you’ll find my experience with the iPhone 6 with 16GB of memory in the color silver.

The first impression of the product: the iPhone is beautifully packaged! Well protected, nice box and the iPhone comes with a charger and cable. There is also clear that there are only original parts and you get 2 year warranty. On closer inspection of the phone I find some slight damage to the top and bottom. Personally, I think not disturbing, it is in fact real but minuscule. There is also shown with a white background was a white spot on the screen in the top left corner. It is other than white backgrounds actually not visible and even if you make screenshots from your screen is not the spot to see the pictures.

Renewd iPhones tested ADV

The fingerprint scanner still works fine and all other physical buttons. Furthermore, the iPhone works as you would expect, restoring data is very simple using iCloud or iTunes. A small struggle  I had it here, because I had a 32GB iPhone 5 and I have to choose very selective what I could carry.

I’d tell you more how renewd iPhone liked me in my daily life. For my work, I am often on the road. The iPhone is often on airplane mode, I connect with different (Wi-Fi) networks and also I take a lot of photos! I have the iPhone is now a week into use and I must say it suits me just fine! The phone works very smoothly, touch ID works perfectly and the phone is in all countries where I have so far are quickly connected to the network. The battery is easy for a day and a half with my use, depending on how long the phone in airplane mode.

Renewd iPhones tested ADV

My biggest consumers are Facebook, Instagram and Safari. The iPhone camera suits me very well! The pictures are clear, even from afar, and the flash works well so you can make in the dark still good pictures. All in all I am very satisfied with the refurbished iPhone. The only downsides are the slight damage to the casing and the spot on the screen. As well as new phone so! If you want to save some money, I can definitely recommend. And last bonus you recycle a phone, and so therefore also good for the working environment!

Yorick Boss Shops: renewd iPhone 5S review

I have been chosen by iPhoned to test a renewd iPhone 5S. Renewd is a company that iPhones redecorating and you can order these iPhones as “refurbished” at various retailers. Thursday, May 4, the iPhone came in to me. I was very curious about how the iPhone is competing against a new iPhone, so my findings are described below!

1.Unboxing: Upon opening the package, I found a sturdy cardboard box renewd. There is a sleeve to the box that describes that they guarantee two year warranty, use only genuine parts and premium quality. On the back of the box there is a label that contains the specifications of the iPhone. My model also involves a space gray iPhone 5S with a storage capacity of 32GB. Once opened the box, I saw first on the iPhone. On the side of the package I found the following text: “Thanks for giving me a second life, my new best friend!”Renewd iPhones tested ADV

The first impression of the iPhone is good. The screen is completely unscratched, and I see no difference with a new iPhone. There is no protective film on the front and rear as is the case when a new iPhone is purchased. The charger and the Lightning cable are separately provided at the bottom of the box. The charger is Apple logo, and the cable comes in a bag with the Foxconn label on it. They also provide with the original accessories. However, when I compare the Lightning cable with a cable that I lie came with my newly purchased iPhone this cable does feel a bit stiffer to. The quality of the cable is fine in my opinion. No earphones are included with the iPhone.

2. First impression: After the iPhone have unpacked, I have looked at the iPhone on the outside. The iPhone is in very good condition, and there are almost no wear on the iPhone visible. A few tiny scratches on the glass at the back, but it is hard to see (you have to keep the iPhone is already well in light to even see anything). You may therefore assume that the iPhone in the same state as a new iPhone. I therefore assume that the iPhone has a new glass enclosure. When I look at the openings of the Lightning- and headphone jack, I see there are some dust, so the internals are, in my view, be recycled.

Renewd iPhones tested ADV

3. The start-up and testing of the components: Now I have inspected the body, I want to restart the iPhone. I hold the on / off button, but the iPhone did not and did not see anything on the screen. Once plugged appeared the famous “Battery empty” symbol. I find this a big negative, because the iPhone has a lithium-ion battery. When the batteries run out of charge (in this case completely empty), this may be the capacity of the batteries drastically bring down.

I’m also not sure how long they have left the iPhone without charge but that is not so convenient. When you buy a new iPhone, is therefore around 50 percent charge to keep the battery in good condition. Once charged it was time to set the iPhone. That process went smoothly. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network, the mobile network and setting Touch ID also went fine. I configured the iPhone as a new iPhone. Then it was time to test all functions of the iPhone: Works everything should still like to hear?

4. The operation of all of the features:

    • Touch ID: The Touch ID sensor works fine and detects finger like to hear it.
    • Screen: The screen looks good and has a good balance. In my view, an original screen.
    • Bluetooth: The iPhone connects well with Bluetooth devices as you might expect.
    • WiFi: The iPhone has a good Wi-Fi coverage and websites load quickly.
    • Compass: The compass works well and is accurate. 3G / 4G: Connecting to the network is stable, a good range, and the speed is also fine.
    • The light sensor: Works well, the screen adapts well to different conditions.
    • Speakers and microphone: Work well, not dull sound through the microphone (which can include dust) and the speaker has no problems. Listening to music through the headphone jack works fine.
    • Vibration: Works well

Buttons and Switches: Feeling good, even as new! The sound is great schakelaartje also in place.

  • Charging: Is fine. Also music by the Lightning port is not a problem (for example, new earpods).
  • Camera: The cameras are working well and the quality is as you would expect from an iPhone 5S.

5. Daily use:  Now that all functions were tested, it was time to test the iPhone for a while in daily life. I installed a number of applications on the iPhone and tested how long the battery lasts a full charge. The battery lasts just one day with my use. I use the iPhone also fairly intense but I notice that the battery is in good condition. An example: an hour watching YouTube videos on average brightness decreases the battery 80 percent rate to 65 percent. A normal decline so.

Renewd iPhones tested ADV

When apps like Maps will use, the battery drops very quickly using GPS. I also make the iPhone stand approximately 24 hours are with a full battery charge. The battery was hereby decreased from 100 percent to 90 percent. This equates to a standby time of approximately 10 days, which Apple also indicated on the website. From this I can conclude that this battery is in good condition, despite being delivered without charge. Unfortunately, the Lightning cable that came with the iPhone, defective. The iPhone charges but through a side when I supplied charger and cable usage, and if I move something to the wire then breaks contact. made a new cable to the charger and the problem was solved.

6: A look under the hood “: Finally, I would just like the iPhone look inside: they use really original parts as advertised? Released after the display have I noticed that the iPhone was fitted very neatly inside and that the parts look good. The battery is original, a picture of this I added. As seen there Apple Japan “on the battery. So you can assume that there is indeed use is made of original (used) parts in the iPhone. Also, the IMEI on the housing corresponds to the IMEI number in the system, which means that the housing and the main board are held together. This also includes the Touch ID scanner together regarding security.

Eline Moorings: renewd iPhone 5C review

Renewd iPhones tested ADVThat was really good news for someone who definitely runs a half years with a phone that really only half works. The days when my phone for no reason suddenly fails again and decided not to go to the next few hours are finally over!

The first impression
of the iPhone was two days later on my desk. At first glance it looks very good. Exciting yet any color would be and how much memory would have the iPhone. The phone is packed in a durable-looking box with nice design. The iPhone color turned white, standard. With a memory of 16GB I was very happy because with less can really quite small. Once I have the iPhone in my hand, I notice that the phone looks as good as new. However, as I saw spinners do a little damage to the housing at the top. The iPhone lacks, at the height of the lock, a piece of white housing. This is also, incidentally, the only real. Among the iPhone is in the box a charger and a pin to remove your SIM card.

Renewd iPhones tested ADV

The iPhone in its use
the renewd iPhone seems to function properly. It strikes me that the battery is quickly discharged and he is already around 50 percent around midday. Now I have nothing to complain about, as my old iPhone’s not even half a day insisted. But I had something more expected, especially since this is one of the reasons why I doubted a refurbished iPhone. The battery keeps the – as I said – really last longer than my old phone, but certainly not all day. Now it really is not that I am a very active phone user who has a lot of apps on their phone. The only thing I do is a little flaps, Facebooking, check my email and surf the web. That was a pity, because a battery for me the most important when buying a new phone. Later I saw that Facebook videos were played automatically. So I’m going to see if the improved battery when it is not.

The charge creates some problems. Now it’s me not entirely clear whether it is on the phone or on the charger. The included charger because it went charging twice. Sin. Then it appears that sometimes the phone also does not catch a new charger. After a few tries it eventually succeeds, but still … weird! As for the rest of the use of the iPhone, it does not seem to detract from another. He’s fast, responds well, makes good photos and videos, bluetooth works well and the service is as it should be.

Renewd iPhones tested ADV

All in all, I’m quite satisfied with the quality of the iPhone. But I certainly am disappointed about the battery life and the fact that the charger fails so quickly. So, as a new iPhone is a refurbished iPhone certainly not, but despite the battery and a small damage to housing, there is nothing wrong with that!

The reaction of renewd

A refurbished iPhone is a relatively new concept for many consumers. With why we came up with the idea for readers to test an iPhone renewd and to report back. iPhoned functioned here as a mystery shopper so that the test was carried out as fairly as possible.

The renewd brand distinguishes itself from other providers refurbished because we only supply iPhones with 100 percent genuine Apple parts. Quality is our priority. This means that every renewd iPhone is controlled by a premium service provider with more than 70 points and thus technically indistinguishable from new. Also renewd iPhone looks as good as new. This means that the iPhone looks like it has been used for about a month. The screen is completely unscratched, but the housing may comprise a single scratch.

We are very pleased with the reviews we have received! It’s good to hear that the reviewers really emphasize that iPhones equipped with genuine Apple parts, they look as good as new and iPhones technical function just as well as a new iPhone. Of course we are also right away went to the feedback points regarding the Lightning cable and battery. We want to emphasize that when working on the iPhone something not entirely satisfactory, we tackle it immediately.

There is therefore immediately sent a new charger to reviewers. A renewd iPhone always has an original Apple battery with a minimum battery capacity by 90 percent compared to a new iPhone. If the battery still does not work properly, then we will check it immediately and if necessary replace it with a new original battery. Also, we always recommend to just check the personal settings of your iPhone.

Under Settings> Battery “shows you exactly which app is responsible for the largest battery consumption. For example, it is always advisable to turn off the automatic playing of videos on Facebook. Also go in search of WiFi can ask a lot of your battery. Think of times when a lot of stored wifi points are close or if you do not have strong wifi.

Of course, it is also true that a new iPhone 6 has a stronger battery than an iPhone 5C. This is logically the case in a refurbished iPhone. But this difference you see clearly reflected in the price. Are you enthusiastic about a renewd iPhone? Or do you want more? You shopped a renewd iPhone include at , Cool Blue , Welcom , Telecombinatie and Informatique .


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