watchOS 4 announced for the Apple Watch: this is new

watchOS 4 announced for the Apple Watch: this is new

Apple has announced WatchOS 4 for the Apple Watch, the next major update for Apple’s watch. watchOS 4 includes a series of enhancements and new features for the Apple Watch. In this article, we will talk about all the revelations and read when watchOS 4 becomes available.

watchOS 4

watchOS 4 for Apple Watch: these features are new

Apple has traditionally also paid attention to the Apple Watch and watchOS during WWDC. After watchOS 3 last year, it’s now the turn to watchOS 4, the next major update for the Apple Watch. During the keynote, Apple discussed some new features Apple Watch users could use later this year. In advance, there were few expectations, because no early details were leaked about possible features in watchOS 4.

More dials for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch gets watchOS 4 new dials. There is a new dial that uses Siri, so you always get the right information based on traffic, your appointments and more. By turning to the Digital Crown, you can see more about what’s going on. You’ll also see information from third-party apps. The dial comes mainly with Siri’s intelligence. Also new are Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story who get their own dial.

More focus on sports in watchOS 4

watchOS 4 puts, even more, emphasis on sport. For the Activity app, there are monthly challenges, so you’re encouraged to move more. The Workout app has been redesigned and has a new look so you can navigate better. Swimming with the Apple Watch has also been improved. New features in the Workout app allow you to track more sports and keep track of your sports performance easier. New is, for example, the ability to start a Hight Intensity Interval Training. You can also start multiple workouts at the same time. In recent years, Apple Watch’s sports features have been increasingly focused, including the new Apple Watch Nike + and with watchOS 4, new features are added.

The Apple Watch will also work with devices from TechnoGym fitness and other popular brands of fitness equipment. The Apple Watch to keep the appliance launches the appropriate workout.

New Music app for Apple Watch

The Music app for the Apple Watch also renewed. Turning the Digital Crown can be as simple as selecting the right music. Especially in combination with the AirPods Music app should work a lot better and get faster to see your favorite music.

New Dock for Apple Watch

The Dock for Apple Watch was added watches 3 but has now been redesigned. Instead of horizontal scroll vertically by now your favorite apps. This is easy using the Digital Crown, so you quickly open your favorite app.

Other improvements watches 4

Developers can now use Bluetooth accessories to connect with their apps, which is possible with the Apple Watch in conjunction with external accessories. Videre, en flashlight-function I kontrolpanelet, som kommer I handy når du er I en nødsituation.

Availability watches 4

watches 4 is expected to be available this case for users with an Apple Watch, along with iOS 11and the other new software updates. The first beta version of watches 4 is available tonight. Public testers probably get no watches 4 betas available for download.


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