The Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 8

The Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 8

Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner,recently announced that they are working on wireless chargers for the iphone 8 lader will probably be launched in 2017.

New design for 10th anniversary

The introduction of wireless charging function of the iPhone is part of Apple’s plan to tackle the entire design of the iPhone which should then lead to more sales.

iPhone 8 wireless charger

iPhone 8 wireless charger

Though it still remains unclear whether the iPhone models that will be actually will have the wireless feature launched next year. A source with inside knowledge namely the Nikkei Asian Review reported that the wireless charging with the iPhone 8 is only possible if Foxconn which can make the rate of return.

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Charging possible from a greater distance

Earlier this year, already reported by Bloomberg that Apple is working with partners in the US and Asia with technology that enables wireless charging. It was expected that this technology would be applied in 2017. This modern technology would make it possible to charge your iPad or iPhone with a larger distance from the charger than traditional chargers.

8 iPhone wireless charging

iPhone 8 wireless charger

Competitors such as Samsung and Google have been smart phones with wireless charging function. Only it is in these smart phones so that they must be close to the charger. When the distance between the receiver and transmitter because it is too large, the efficiency of energy transfer can be lost. Which means that the longer duration before the smartphone is charged.

With the technology now Apple is doing, it would not be the case. Between the charger was up to 15 feet (approximately 4.5 meters) may sit. That is a long way! So do not do more difficult to do with the short cord that is attached to the charger.


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