WWDC 2017: 8 Expectations for the keynote tonight

WWDC 2017: 8 Expectations for the keynote tonight

WWDC 2017

WWDC 2017 will open tonight with a keynote festive. What Apple announcements this year has in store for us? WWDC 2017 our expectations in a row.

WWDC 2017 Expectations: 8 things to look forward to

Apple WWDC 2017 kicks off with a keynote tradition. Here we get to see the new software updates for all operating systems, and this year probably also some new hardware. In this article we continue our WWDC 2017 expectations in a row.

WWDC 2017

1. iOS 11

Apple announces the successor to iOS 10 is almost certain, and this year the update is more interesting than ever. IOS 11 can clear indications are that the iPhone 8 will have a new design. Previously we discovered in iOS 10 early on that the home button of the iPhone 7 works differently than before.

What specific features are concerned, there is still relatively little known about iOS 11. Thus evidence of a Dark Mode are just like last year discovered, along with group discussions in FaceTime and improved notifications. Apple Music is again polished, with a new section which is designed for video productions.

Apple also took the last few months a number of apps and start-ups that we can look back in 11 iOS. So Apple HomeKit can improve automation features of Workflow and Health- and Alarm expand the technique Beddit .


2. MacOS 10:13 (or MacOS 11)

Besides the iPhone and iPad, is ready for a makeover of the Mac again. We know little about iOS 11 , but less on MacOS 10:13. As it looks now, MacOS 10:13 improves mainly introduce the existing features, rather than brand new. With the renewed focus on the HomeKit is obvious that getting the Mac HomeKit so you smart lamps are also starting to operate your MacBook.

If Apple Siri improves this year (of which more later), this would be good news for the Mac. Although last year the company added the voice assistant to the Mac, its features are in fact very limited. The same applies to group conversations in FaceTime, which are well on the Mac in business handy.

WWDC 2017

3. tvOS 11

The Apple TV operating system can not rely on the most spectacular update rule. Yet we have this year some practical improvements to planning tvOS 11. Thus, the device would be  a picture-in-picture mode gain, which you can scroll through your apps while Netflix series or other video in a small window continue playing .

Apple would also work with user profiles where you can easily switch between. With this example, you create a profile for children which games are central.

4. watchos 4

With watchos 3 Apple proved not to be afraid to throw the complete design of the Watch system. Yet there anno 2017 is still plenty to improve. There are many apps that do not work on the smart clock, or to be desired speed on. Following the acquisition of Beddit Apple could also work on a full sleep tracking feature for the Watch.

In addition to these functional enhancements, the company has undoubtedly some new dials in store for us. That may be, because the current supply is still quite limited when compared with rival Android Wear.

WWDC 2017

5. Speaker Siri

We have for some time had no ‘one more thing’, and there may come at WWDC 2017 change. For the first time in years, Apple seems to unveil a brand new product during the WWDC keynote: the Siri Speaker . This smart speaker with voice assistant will get a permanent place in your living room, so you can always ask questions. The speaker was already at Apple staff home stand.

The speaker Apple finally has a device that can serve as HomeKit hub, rather than the Apple TV. It may also be a solution for people who like music streaming via AirPlay. Reportedly, the W1-chip used in the AirPods to pair devices quickly.

6. Sirios

When Siri Speaker belongs a new operating system. When Apple unveiled the speaker actually, Sirios will play an important role during the presentation. WWDC is primarily because a fair for developers, who can direct this new information to start developing apps for the device.

WWDC 2017

7. New 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Very obvious is not it, but there are several indications that there comes a new iPad. Accessory makers would even prepare cases on June 5 appear (the day of the keynote). The new 10.5-inch iPad is the big brother of the new iPad in 2017 and focuses on the professional user. Especially if it appears that iOS 11 introduces many iPad-exclusive features, the chances are that we get to see the tablet. Leading up to WWDC we saw several leaked photos, including the above render. This shows that Apple also uses the time to renew the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

WWDC 2017

8. A full polished MacBook line

Apple feels the hot breath of Microsoft and takes a drastic decision: the company will be during the WWDC renew entire MacBook line , including the MacBook that appeared only in late 2016. The laptops are equipped with the new Kaby Lake processors, which means better performance and longer battery life. The design remains the same, even if this time the MacBook Air refresh. In this way, Apple has a powerful entry level model that can compete with the Surface laptops from Microsoft. What this means for the price is not known, but we should wait with buying a MacBook until after June 5th.


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